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July 5, 2012

Happy 4th July!
Filed under: Site Updates,Skies of Fire — Chris @ 12:19 am

The lack of Skies of Fire that you see before you comes from a combination of illness, time spent making job applications and having interviews and a new project which I believe is important to focus on as much as possible right now. The lack of a Skies of Fire themed release today is particularly a shame given some recent additions which make July 4th an even more appropriate release date, but alas it cannot be. Once it’s at the right stage, there’ll be a demo up on IndieCity, which will hopefully be before (British) bonfire night!

This ‘new project’ I’ve mentioned involves taking this site and how we create and present our games in a completely different direction. We’re still working out several kinks and finalizing the matrices, so over the next couple of weeks I’ll be writing a few articles on several topics that this new direction addresses and should hopefully allow you to see what it is we’re doing. So on another ‘when it’s ready’ note, watch this space!

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