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May 21, 2012

Relaunching The Cannon!
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With version 1.4 ready to go, The Cannon is now officially relaunching on PC!

While technically a ‘relaunch’ this is The Cannon’s first publicity push on PC, following important feature updates to both the game and IndieCity. With IndieCity gaining more and more important features, it has now reached an excellent time to give the game a proper launch. Hopefully this will lead to an increase in players, to really set the leaderboards alight with competition!

Click here to buy The Cannon on IndieCity!

Press Kit

About The Cannon:
In the Cannon you must control a super-cannon filled to the brim with fireballs, ice shards, electricity and vines to stop an upcoming onslaught. Ninjas, pirates, robots, monkeys, zombies and aliens all want to take you down and its all down to you to beat them back. The enemies have a full range of sound effects, with the pirates voiced by Paul and Storm (known for The Captain’s Wife’s Lament).

But behind the cliched overcoat is a deeply strategic game. Each weapon has different effects on each enemy, so you need to balance your weapons against each other so you don’t run out of energy at a crucial moment.

The game includes three quickplay modes and a fifteen level campaign mode. You can play the game your own way, with four difficulty options, unlockable backgrounds and remappable controls. Indiecity extras means that the game has 50 Achievements and global leaderboards, so you can hone your skills and compete to be the ultimate cannon-meister.

Finally, some notes on changes in version 1.4:
-Game time is now not affected by slowdown, so Timed music will always remain in sync.
-Vine collisions made a bit more reliable
-Ninjas returned to their original faster speed

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