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May 9, 2012

Progress Report – 9th May, 2012
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I really need to think of better titles for these update posts…

After a long period of relative silence with little to report, I believe its time to give some updates on what’s going on in Elemental Focus world right now.

Firstly, as mentioned in the previous post, I’m preparing to relaunch The Cannon, waiting on PayPal support for IndieCity and just checking that v1.3 works fine in the meantime.

Secondly, Skies of Fire is coming along fairly nicely. The interface has been changed up and the graphics have improved a bit more as well. There’s also a new key gameplay element that I’ve added fairly recently that really changes the tone of the game. It brings back a bit of the silliness that I seem to work much better with. As IndieCity has now launched their underground system, expect to see a playable beta of the game by the end of the month, with release hopefully no more than a month afterwards (although if it comes to it, July 4th isn’t exactly a bad release date for a game about fireworks).

Adventure from Tora is still on the cards but is now going to be taken in a different graphical direction. Of course, this makes the clips from the showcase even more irrelevant because it was only really graphics that they showed. It’s not far enough along to talk about properly, but it should end up being our first non-XNA PC game.

Lastly, Diamond Digger should also see a new batch of levels reasonably soon and there’s another little thing in the works that’s a little different from what we’ve done so far…

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