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May 4, 2012

The Cannon v1.3
Filed under: thecannon — Chris @ 11:35 am

The Cannon has been updated with a series of bug-fixes and other small tweaks, including:
– “Thank you” medal fixed to unlock at 4 hours instead of 40 (whoops!)(will unlock if you’ve already exceeded four hours)
– “Far Reach” medal distance reduced due to previous difficulty in achieving it.
– “Faster” medal unlocks at 60 enemies killed instead of 80.
– IndieCity connection code made slightly stabler
– Collision code improved
– Campaign will now spawn set numbers of each enemy instead of the previous random valid enemy approach
– Small performance improvements
– Fixed the bug where the full credits would not show after completing the campaign has been fixed.

At the moment, I’m preparing to relaunch The Cannon, which will happen shortly after paying with PayPal becomes available on IndieCity. I think a relaunch is justified given that the original PC launch was alongside IndieCity’s launch making it tricky to get any exposure.

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