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February 29, 2012

More puzzles for Diamond Digger!
Filed under: Diamond Digger — Chris @ 11:17 pm

Diamond Digger version 1.2 is now available to download at IndieCity. If you’ve downloaded it already, just open up your client and there’ll be a little download button.

This update features 12 new puzzles and a new bonus menu, the first item of which will be unlocked when you complete the new set of puzzles.

This isn’t part of the sales incentive (sales have been too low for that to kick in) but updates will be on an as and when basis (unless the sales incentive catches up at which point the newer puzzles will go live as soon as possible).

I regret to say that this update is unlikely to go up on XBLIG, but if you’ve purchased the game, send me an e-mail and if you can answer a question about the game (which will be easy if you have the game), you’ll be gifted with a free version of the game on IndieCity once gift codes become available.

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