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February 10, 2012

Progress report: 2012/02/10
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Firstly, in case anyone was still wondering, my current main project is now Skies of Fire, the firework-em-up game that I announced when proposing my Game Season idea. You can find the first footage here.
That footage is now a little old, the interface is now slicker, the scoring isn’t so ugly (and probably clearer) and the fireworks themselves are a bit brighter. The game is coming together quite well and I’m looking forward to getting to see how the base system plays once the scoring system is completed.
I’ll go into more detail about how that’s going next week (if we’re we’re lucky then there may be a new trailer).

Secondly, IndieCity is now becoming my main distribution platform, I’m now putting my weight fully behind this growing site. This means that I’ll be building new games ground up for the PC (which will stop the difficulty I have in porting controls). My hope is that as IndieCity grows, the achievements and particularly the leaderboards become active and very competitive. Even as it is at the moment, it’s very easy for players to communicate with me about the games, with any issues or tweaks they may have, and I’m happy to oblige for the people who’ve spent time and money on my game. This is helped to no end by the extremely easy updating process, meaning that I don’t need to wait two weeks and put in a ton of effort to make a small fix. If there’s a bug report, there’s normally a fix before the end of the day.

On that note, both of my games will continue to receive updates as and when. The Cannon is unlikely to have anything major added to it as I launched it pretty much fully formed. On the other hand, Diamond Digger has the potential to grow a bit. While at the moment the sales incentive doesn’t look as though it’ll come to much, if I have the time I may add a couple more puzzles anyway. There are a couple of other little updates that may also be added depending on time and popularity.

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