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January 6, 2012

Diamond Digger released on IndieCity!
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Available in free demo form, or the full game for only £2!

Diamond Digger is a puzzle game where you have to shift rows of blocks to position them above other blocks that they’ll crush. Each block will only crush one other type, making the game like a multi-dimensional version of rock-paper-scissors. The aim is to the get diamonds (the toughest block) to the bottom of the screen to collect them. The main meat of the game is a puzzle mode with 40 puzzles, but there are also two ‘endless’ modes. That might not sound like much, but its a game that will both frustrate and entertain with a thorough ‘so close!’ vibe.

Thoroughly tested on Cambridge University students.

“Non-Trivial” – Robert May, Mathematician
“Like Bejeweled, but better” – Peter Newton, 7 Twitter Followers

For every 1000 sales the game makes (up to 6000), 10 more puzzles will be added, so if you like the game, tell your friends!!

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