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December 9, 2011

Diamond Digger Tips #5: Know your power-ups
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The power-ups add a lot of variety to the puzzles. All of the puzzles which contain power-ups have solutions that were designed to use the power-up, although in a couple of cases there are a couple of alternative solutions. Any power-up can be used to make a move stick, but each one has other uses.


TNT blows up a fair number of blocks, so will often drastically change the position in which the important blocks of the puzzle lie. However, sometimes, the only way to remove the diamond from the puzzle is by using the TNT and if this is the case, you need to get the diamond (or other important block) in the right place before blowing up the TNT to avoid the hole it creates being plugged.


Similar to the TNT, the lava also changes the playfield by a fair amount and activating one under a diamond may be the only way to remove the diamond from the board. However, because it creates a column of gaps, activating a lava will also normally allow you to do several other moves following its use.


Some of the most difficult puzzles use this block. It will remove the bottom row of blocks, so people often use it to make progress, but it’s often false progress as the rest of the layout remains the same. The only way to solve some puzzles with these in is to leave it until the very end and then activate it only when the diamond reaches the second row from the bottom.


This power-up turns the logic of the game upon its head as when it’s activated, any block can crush the block that it would normally be crushed by. However, it just means that you can use certain blocks to crush things that they normally wouldn’t, giving you more options to solve the puzzle.

That wraps up the week of Diamond Digger tips, I’ve included a video of the full tutorial below:

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