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December 8, 2011

Diamond Digger Tips #4: …but know when it’s over.
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Flying in the face of yesterday’s tip, it’s also worth being actively aware of when a puzzle has become completely unsolvable.

There’s actually quite a simple way to work a lot of cases out. If there is are blocks all the way along the bottom row (no gaps), there are no blocks of metal (diamonds crush metal) left on the board and there are no power-ups, then it’s no longer possible to solve.

However, even if there is a block of metal, you need to make sure you can get it to the bottom row. You can apply the same logic as whether you can drop a diamond: if there are no blocks of stone (metal crushes stone), no gaps and no power-ups and the two isn’t already on the bottom row then the puzzle is no longer possible.

This creates a chain reaction through the entire string of materials, although it gets a bit confusing by the time you get to ice.

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