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November 11, 2011

The Cannon has gone gold!
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Sorry for the rubbish updates this week, no excuse really, aside from not having a humoungous amount to talk about.

The PC version of The Cannon is now FINISHED. All things going well, my work on it is done. It has now been submitted to IndieCity’s CAP process. Assuming that the Community Approvers find no reason to fail it, then it should be released at the same time as IndieCity launches.

This, of course, means that work on Diamond Digger is starting up again. All things going well I expect it to be released by the beginning of December, which actually isn’t that far away. So, here are some release details (and dates are subject to chance, mostly due to various approval processes and things going horribly wrong):

Projected XBLIG launch date: 1st December
Projected IndieCity launch date: 7th December

As the game has progressed, the puzzle mode has quickly become the core of the game and at the moment, the game will be launching with 50 puzzles (+ 8 in the tutorial), in addition to the quickplay modes. However, that will not be the end of it.

My intent is for every 1000 sales the game makes (across both platforms), up to 5000, I will create a patch which will add a further 10 puzzles for free! Yes, you may say, if this goes the way of The Cannon, then no new puzzles will be added, but I think its reasonable to ask given the amount of work that goes in to the puzzles. (plus I’ll reach it if you get your friends to buy it!).

Obviously no poll this week (I’ve left it a bit late really)

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