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October 24, 2011

Control Scheme Shenanigans
Filed under: Poll,thecannon — Chris @ 10:56 pm

I’m still working through the control scheme for the PC version of the Cannon. The original was designed around the 360 controller and while these controls are left in for anyone using a 360 controller, I need to design a new scheme for your average PC user.

This has proven to be a little more fiddly than you expect. The original design I had was similar to the controller, but not needing the click the mouse made one feel quite disconnected from the game. However, another scheme I tried just became confusing very quickly. I may leave multiple options in, but I need to have a sensible default option. The danger I have here is not to get used to using an odd control scheme otherwise I’ll have a skewed view. Might be time to pick a couple and get some other people in to try them out!

Anyway, here’s this week’s poll!

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