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August 24, 2011

Review Round-up #2
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It’s time for another round-up of reviews for The Cannon.  With the patch released, I made a second push for reviews and now have a larger collection of full game reviews.

Indie Gamer Chick  [Full Game] : Overall, I really liked The Cannon a lot.  It’s got a wonderful combination of strategic action mixed with some really funny British humor.

XboxHornet [Full Game] : (8/10) If this game was given a face lift with better art, different stages with settings in them and more music, I could see this on Xbox Arcade.

GamersDailyNews [Full Game] : (8/10) Silver Award  The low cost and simple learning curve (the hardest thing is how to effectively use the vine to ’wrecking ball’ your enemies) make this a quick game to just grab and play, making it a decent time-sink for either a single player or a small group of two to four players

recensopoli [Trial AFAIK] : Original and well thought out

ArmlessOctopus [Trial AFAIK] : The Cannon is a good bit of arcadey fun

Kotaku [Trial] : But there is just enough variety and, dare I say it, strategy in this artillery adventure to make it addictive

CFG Indie-Dome [Trial] This is a surprisingly enjoyable wave-survival game.

Review Round up #1 can be found here 

Despite the good reviews, ‘The Cannon’ has sold fairly poorly,  275 copies to date and it shows little sign of getting any higher.  It’s nice that it sold as much as it has considering its the first game I’ve concocted, but it was being worked on on the side for just over 2 years, so its easy to feel disappointed with the low levels of payback.

I’m fairly sure of a couple of contributing factors however, so I’ll probably share them in a mini post-mortem tomorrow.


  1. That really sucks man. I wish Microsoft would do a better job of advertising the Indie Games.

    Comment by Xavier — September 7, 2011 @ 9:51 pm

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