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October 19, 2011

The Cannon is coming to PC!
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Pretty big announcement today (see the title)

It will be released on IndieCity, a new PC platform for indie games that is currently in the process of launching, in under a month. I can’t even give you a solid date yet as I’m not even sure whether I’ll be finished before IndieCity launches or not. Here’s how it shapes up compared to the XBLIG version

New Features:
-Global Leaderboards
This is definitely the feature that I was most disappointed to cut from the XBLIG version, almost entirely because you can only do peer-to-peer leaderboards and as well as being rubbish, there can be a lot of effort involved in setting them up. However, with IndieCity, this all becomes very easy, so you’ll now be able to compete with people all around the globe for high scores, putting a lot of replay value back into the quickplay modes.

The original game had 50 medals. The re-release has 50 IndieCity Achievements, which are almost all the same as the original (a couple are different due to changes in the game itself). Given all the different achievement systems cropping up, having these isn’t much of a development upon the game specific ones I had before, but they’re nice to have. As before, unlocking certain numbers of achievements will let you access bonus content.

-Mouse Controls
As the game is on the PC, I can’t rely on people having gamepads, so I’m building a new control scheme which uses both the mouse and keyboard (one hand on each). The aim will be for all of the keyboard controls to be remappable if you don’t like the defaults.

Sadly, a couple of cuts need to be made as well:
With the game needing the mouse to control, it isn’t possible to have more than one person playing at once. As a result, the multiplayer modes from the original have had to be dropped. If the re-release is popular enough, I may be able to add in online multiplayer, but given the amount of sales the original XBLIG release made, it’s a lot of effort for something that won’t benefit many people.

-Score/stats link up
As I’m using the IndieCity leaderboards I can’t associate stat sets with scores anymore. This isn’t a major loss, it’s just something that it was neat to have before. The post-game screen will still give you the breakdown of kills for the game you just played.

And here’s a couple of other changes:
The interface is being overhauled. It’s now a lot simpler, but more consistent throughout all of the screen and is reminiscent of a military HUD.

Ice then fire is no longer an insta-kill on applicable enemies. This was fairly overpowered in the original, but was held back by aiming being tricky at times, especially with enemies a long way away. With point and click mouse controls, almost the entire game breaks down into ice then fire with little punishment for repeatedly doing this. Everything else will be balanced accordingly.

And of course there’re a few other things that I haven’t firmed up yet. I’ll put up a couple of screenshots of the new interface and such tomorrow!

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