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May 9, 2012

Progress Report – 9th May, 2012
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I really need to think of better titles for these update posts…

After a long period of relative silence with little to report, I believe its time to give some updates on what’s going on in Elemental Focus world right now.

Firstly, as mentioned in the previous post, I’m preparing to relaunch The Cannon, waiting on PayPal support for IndieCity and just checking that v1.3 works fine in the meantime.

Secondly, Skies of Fire is coming along fairly nicely. The interface has been changed up and the graphics have improved a bit more as well. There’s also a new key gameplay element that I’ve added fairly recently that really changes the tone of the game. It brings back a bit of the silliness that I seem to work much better with. As IndieCity has now launched their underground system, expect to see a playable beta of the game by the end of the month, with release hopefully no more than a month afterwards (although if it comes to it, July 4th isn’t exactly a bad release date for a game about fireworks).

Adventure from Tora is still on the cards but is now going to be taken in a different graphical direction. Of course, this makes the clips from the showcase even more irrelevant because it was only really graphics that they showed. It’s not far enough along to talk about properly, but it should end up being our first non-XNA PC game.

Lastly, Diamond Digger should also see a new batch of levels reasonably soon and there’s another little thing in the works that’s a little different from what we’ve done so far…

November 30, 2011

Characters from Adventure from Tora
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Well, a week and a weekend late, here’s the winning article from the last poll (which won with 1 vote, despite being left up for two weeks!).

With game season no longer going ahead, the fate of Adventure from Tora is a little unsure. Although Skies of Fire will shortly be under development again, Tora will remain in limbo until I’m done with that. With current funding, I may have to stop creating games altogether before it can really get underway. The rough status of the game means that at the moment a lot of the information about the game is in the form of ideas bouncing around my head and a half-written design document. However, assuming I have the opportunity to continue creating games, Adventure from Tora will be made.

Here are some of the characters that live in the village of Tora (I might have said Tora was a town before, a large village is probably a better description):

Arron – The game’s primary protagonist. Now a young adult, he has grown up never being quite as afraid of the outside world as all of the other kids. The sense of mystery that it holds far outweighs the fear he’s been brought up with and the amount interest that he has in staying in Tora starts to dwindle just a bit too much. His duties in the village involve tending to the cows and at times helping out with other aspects of the farming. Most people consider him to be lazy, due to commonly being caught daydreaming, but also hold a reasonable amount of respect for him.

Rufus Arron’s father. He is the person in charge of creating fabrics for clothes and other such materials around the village. A very thorough family man.

Faria – Arron’s mother and the village chief. Generally in charge of goings-on around the village and leads any expedition that takes them into the jungle for one reason or another. Tries to motivate Arron regularly as she is one of the people most perturbed by his apparent laziness.

Harold – The head farmer, most commonly tending to the crops used to supply Tora with food most of the year around. A close friend of Arron’s father. He will drive Arron pretty hard when there’s work that needs to be done, but is in general very relaxed.

Fetz – The Smith of the town. His smithy is found next to the large mine in the centre of Tora which is used to gather all the town’s minerals from a rich underground reserve. Like most smiths, Fetz is quite strong and burly. He’s normally understanding and fair but has a pretty short fuse.

Kiara – Fetz’s daughter, who also helps around the smithy. Very strong willed and creatively ambitious. Childhood friend of Arron’s.

Tom – The martial arts expert of the village, he also has some limited skills in healing. While his skills are only sparingly required in day to day life, he is one of the people normally recruited to go on any small skirmishes into th

Yano – The village elder. Has very thorough knowledge of how everything works around Tora. Is the only person left alive in the village who was alive when the last outsider visited the village.

And that’s that for now. I’m going to try and get back to weekday updates, I’ve got some stuff for the rest of this week and some interesting ideas for things for next week. I’m going to suspend the poll for the time being until I get another decent collection of things for it.

October 31, 2011

Game Season is a bust

Due to the funding received through the rocketHub project being miles away from the funds that I need to complete the games in Game Season, it will no longer be taking place.

So where does this leave me?

Well, with the funders’ permission, the money will go towards general development of future Elemental Focus games, primarily Diamond Digger and Skies of Fire. These two games will almost certainly see the light of day at some point. However, to continue working on development, I’ll either be getting a part-time job (cutting into development time) or my games need to start selling a bit better. If this doesn’t happen, then I’ll need to cease development before the end of the year.

Only if I am able to continue developing, will I be able to produce Legend of Tora and other games, because otherwise I’m not going to have anything to live on. Failing anything else, I’ll have to get a proper job working for a software company of some sort (maybe game development, maybe not) and IP clauses in contracts would no doubt stop me from developing on the side.

But anyway, moving forward while I can, here’s this week’s poll.

October 22, 2011

Legend of Tora
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So, today I’m cheating a bit, the first half of this was posted about two weeks ago on my RocketHub Project Page, but I’ll add a bit more on the end as well

Tora is a large town which has been built up deep in the heart of the Zona jungle. It is completely self-sufficient with rich farms and a deep mine, but as a result, it has become completely cut off from the rest of civilization.

The populace of folklore has grown with something of a fear for the jungle. A lack of need to venture in has turned into a fear of being lost within its depths. Children are brought up with a deep sense of foreboding about the jungle, often staying well clear of the jungle borders and only venturing close through dares and competition. No-one has left the town in 80 years, but even more mysteriously, there haven’t been any visitors for even longer.

Arron, a young man and a cow wrangler from Tora has grown up never being quite as afraid of the outside world as all of the other kids. The sense of mystery that it holds far outweighs the fear he’s been brought up with and the amount interest that he has in staying in Tora starts to dwindle just a bit too much…

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