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November 13, 2011

New Poll
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Nothing much else to say, just got off of a long train journey, so feeling a bit tired. On the plus side, I completed a good number of puzzles for Diamond Digger over the weekend!

October 24, 2011

Control Scheme Shenanigans
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I’m still working through the control scheme for the PC version of the Cannon. The original was designed around the 360 controller and while these controls are left in for anyone using a 360 controller, I need to design a new scheme for your average PC user.

This has proven to be a little more fiddly than you expect. The original design I had was similar to the controller, but not needing the click the mouse made one feel quite disconnected from the game. However, another scheme I tried just became confusing very quickly. I may leave multiple options in, but I need to have a sensible default option. The danger I have here is not to get used to using an odd control scheme otherwise I’ll have a skewed view. Might be time to pick a couple and get some other people in to try them out!

Anyway, here’s this week’s poll!

October 18, 2011

So this is how the scoring works…
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Apologies for things being a little late. This was the winner of the poll for content on friday, but is obviously only going up now…

The aim in Skies of Fire is to create the most impressive fireworks display you can. Of course, this is very subjective and where the game is in development, the true scores themselves still have a lot of tweaking to go through, but here’s the gist of it:

Firstly, the biggest factor you need to pay attention to is crowd interest. The interest will start fairly high, but will drop if there are big gaps in fireworks or lots of repetition. You need to pull off high scoring sequences or use particularly unique fireworks if you want to increase it again. Keeping crowd interest is critical to your score as each firework’s score depends on the crowd interest at the time. If no-one’s watching any more, it doesn’t matter how impressive it is. Sadly I didn’t have this working properly for the game season trailer, but its represented by the bar on the right.

Each game is separated into multiple sets, averaging three, but this may vary depending on the level. The final set is worth the most, so this is when you want your most impressive fireworks, but the problem here is that you need to have kept crowd interest high through the previous sets, so this makes for a careful balancing act.

Each firework has its own base score, depending on the firework, and added to this will be a height bonus. Height is determined by power (which is the length of the firing arrow when you arm the firework) and direction. So for example, you lose height by firing a firework off at an angle, but without doing this, you’re also limited in other bonuses you receive.

Each sequence (how long a sequence is can be pretty much defined by the user) also has its own bonuses, including length, symmetry and sky coverage.

Hope that covers what people are interested in seeing. This is all subject to a bit of change, but this is roughly what to look out for.

Here’s the poll for this Friday, which will be on time this time! In case you didn’t notice last week, you can now vote for multiple options at once!

October 11, 2011

Moving on…
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Hi everyone!

I’m in the process of moving house at the moment, so things are a bit hectic (hence why updates have been a little thin). In the meantime, here’s the poll to vote on what you’d like to see this friday!

October 3, 2011

More user decided content
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With the announcement of the three new games, the weekly content poll can have a little more meat to it, so vote below on what you’d like to see this Friday!

However, I can’t continue down the rabbit hole of game design without a little help from you. The world of corporate programming has a choke-hold on developing your own IP (therefore video games) in spare time, so I’m flying by the seat of my pants without any form of income at the moment. Every little bit of funding helps, and if you could get the ball rolling a bit more that’d be fantastic!

September 23, 2011

In-game Icons!
Filed under: Art,Poll — Chris @ 8:20 pm

Hi everyone!

With a somewhat more sensibly placed landslide victory this week, I’m here to present you with what you voted for, some in-game icons from the upcoming game!

Given these and AeonSummoner’s art, some people might be able to start working out what this game is about now (unless you somehow already got it from the art).

I’m not going to put a poll up for next week as next Friday I will be making my large announcement, so be on the lookout for that! However, after that, the polls will return and the options ought to be more appealing as well!

September 19, 2011

Back on Track
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Hi everyone, I’m back from my little vacation and back at work on games stuff. If there’s enough demand then there can be a regular article from Jon, but that’s down to you.

Despite the landslide victory of what was essentially the joke option, I’m going to continue the user chosen content for fridays. To be honest, the choices will probably be a bit better organised once things get going properly, but in the meantime, here are your choices for this week.

Also, I’d like to apologise for the Splash Engine Demo video. I wanted to get a video ready for when I left and the result ended up being a simplistic AND rushed. It doesn’t really show off what I’ve done with it and the kinds of things I’m going for for my next game, but in the time I gave myself it was the best I could manage. So yeah…

Two heavy weeks of work up ahead, hopefully there should be a bigger picture of how everything is working out by then.

September 16, 2011

The Results Are In!
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As the title above suggests, the results from this week’s poll are in and if I said it was a close race I would be lying. With a landslide victory I present to you: your prize.

It’s not particularly interesting, but what did you expect when you ask for a video of me eating cereal. Hopefully there’s  not a lot of rage mail getting sent which means I have to do this again with some kind of running commentary.

September 9, 2011

New Feature
Filed under: Poll — Chris @ 4:34 pm

Today I’d like to introduce a new feature which we (that is to say Chris) hope to be a regular (read as “weekly”) occurrence here at the Elemental Focus blog. I present a feature that lets you, the reader, influence the things that get posted here (albeit once a week) though by now you’ve probably skipped this text and looked at the big red box and realised that this is a poll.

And what a poll it is, you have the opportunity to choose for yourselves which one of four pieces of information you’d like to receive this time next week. So what are you waiting for? Get your poll clicking fingers ready and change the world! The poll ends/closes next Friday (16th) and the results and appropriate reward will be posted later that day.


ETA: Again, it looks like I’m having trouble embedding again, so for now you can take the poll here: PollDaddy

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