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February 23, 2012

Skies of Fire Trailer – Out with a bang!
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23 February 2012, Cambridge – England
Elemental Focus have just released the first trailer for their upcoming fireworks game.
Watch it here (best enjoyed in 720p and full screen):

About Skies of Fire:
Skies of Fire lets you loose with the box of fireworks over 8 different locations and events. Make the most astounding displays possible to dazzle the crowd and propel yourself the global stage. Choose from 20 different fireworks, each with its own unique style and each one can come in whichever colour you want it to! Featuring a dynamic scoring system which focuses on building up a crowd and ending in a big finale. Skies of Fire will be released for PC in Q2 2012. For more information, please email chris@elementalfocus.co.uk

About Elemental Focus:
Elemental Focus is a small variable team of game creationists focused on delivering fun games around unique concepts. Elemental Focus was established as a brand in 2011 with the launch of their first game, The Cannon, on Xbox Live Indie Games. Since then, they have been releasing games on PC with IndieCity, firstly with a port of The Cannon, adding multiple new features and then with their second game, the puzzle game Diamond Digger. Elemental Focus is currently working on the titles Skies of Fire and Adventure from Tora.
Webpage: www.elementalfocus.co.uk
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ElementalFocus
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElementalFocus

November 3, 2011

Trailer for PC version of The Cannon
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October 1, 2011

The Big Announcement
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So all of this time, since the release of The Cannon, I’ve obviously been working on something new. I need to occupy myself with something, surely?

Well, firstly, I’d like to announce Game Season.

This will be a collection of about 13 games, released one per week, which ought to be starting sometime in April. That’s right, 13 games with the same release schedule as a tv series! Rather importantly, these will also be primarily developed for PC but may also see a release on XBLIG depending on what happens.

Obviously, this is an absolutely mammoth undertaking and with the limited success of The Cannon, I’m going to need some support. Therefore, I’m starting a RocketHub opportunity in an attempt to fund it!

You can find the RocketHub page here: http://rockethub.com/projects/3384-game-season-a-series-of-video-games. Please please please go and help fund this, even if its only a dollar. At the very least, go and see what the rewards are. I think I’m offering some pretty awesome things there!

Of course, that video also shows off a couple of games, so while I’m here I would also like to announce three new games! Even if I don’t raise enough money, these ought to EVENTUALLY see release, but could be held back as I need to find funds elsewhere.

Skies of Fire
You’re in charge of creating the most kick-ass fireworks display ever!

Diamond Digger
A puzzle game with a unique mechanic. Get the diamonds to the bottom of the screen!

Adventure from Tora
An RPG game which has heavy D&D elements within the battles. Let me just say this, Tora turns out to be pretty mysterious in itself.

More on these soon, but seriously, please go and check out the RocketHub Project!

September 16, 2011

The Results Are In!
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As the title above suggests, the results from this week’s poll are in and if I said it was a close race I would be lying. With a landslide victory I present to you: your prize.

It’s not particularly interesting, but what did you expect when you ask for a video of me eating cereal. Hopefully there’s  not a lot of rage mail getting sent which means I have to do this again with some kind of running commentary.

September 8, 2011

Making A Splash
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So, I’m Jonathon and as Chris said yesterday I’ll be taking over the posting of news and things whilst he’s away. If general introductions are required I’m that guy who told you what to do in The Cannon. Anyways, on to today’s update.

Below is a very basic demo previewing the capabilities of the Splash physics engine that Chris is working on. It’s most important capability is the ability to gracefully handle multiple collisions that interact with each other within a single frame.

There are still a few bugs that need to be sorted out (that he’s avoided showing here ;)), but he thought it would be good to post a little demo to give an idea as to what’s going on.

10 internet points to the person who guesses which other video game inspired this particular demo.



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