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December 14, 2011

Diamond Digger (XBLIG) goes gold!
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The XBLIG version of Diamond Digger has been finished and has been submitted to Peer Review.

Work continues on the PC version, which only requires mouse controls and IndieCity hooks, so will not be long.

(Yes, to people really paying attention, too many things are going on right now, there will be be some extra blog posts over the next few days to cover everything, I’m just tweaking the screws right now)

October 7, 2011

How Adventure from Tora plays
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We have a victor of the poll from Monday and to the victor goes the spoils! And now I have no idea how to continue that metaphor…Anyway!

Adventure from Tora is ultimately a classic style RPG. To somewhat enforce this classical style, the resolution is only 320 * 180(basically a wide-screen gameboy) I may end up doubling this if things look too scratchy, but we’ll see. Like any RPG you have a sprawling overworld, which in Adventure from Tora consists of the town of Tora, the Zona jungle and beyond. In the jungle, there will be enemy encounters (I won’t say random at this point) which will enter you into the battle mode.

In battle, instead of having a basic Attack/Spell/Defend attack system, it uses a Dungeons and Dragons style grid. This means that different attacks have different ranges and will move both the playable characters and the enemies around differently. This means that there will be a large array of tactics at play in all but the simplest of battles.

One of the main mechanics of Adventure from Tora is how the weapons are used. I showed this briefly in the trailer piece but as you explore the world, you will find various pieces of weaponry that you can use in battle. However, only a few of these weapons are actually critical to the story and must be picked up. The vast majority will be rewards for exploration/side quests and other things that are not necessary to complete the game. Each weapon will allow a character a certain set of attacks, for example the staff will allow longer ranged magical attacks, wheras a large broadsword will allow hard hitting close range attacks. Weapons can be switched mid-battle but require an extra turn to switch, so any weapon switches in battle need to be handled carefully.

So yeah, that’s quite a lot of detail for the game of the three that’s probably earliest in development, but there you go.

Want to be IN Adventure from Tora? It’s one of the rewards for the rocketHub funding project, so go check it out! (there’s a link in the post below this)

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